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Newest Novel by Judith Jackson-Pomeroy

 Weight of A Woman

Professor Sara Wolfe puts her job on the line when she is tempted by a career-threatening relationship with a student, who also happens to be a rock star. As she tells herself alternative truths about this and all her other self-destructive tendencies, including an eating disorder (it’s just an attempt to get back into her designer jeans), and flirting with inappropriate people (but only when she’s drunk, which is most of the time), her life descends into chaos. While her best friends, Professor Marco Gonzalvez (an award-winning poet) and Jane Curran (director of the campus-based Women’s Resource Center where, ironically, Sara counsels students with food issues), try to save her with liquor-ridden intervention parties, she only continues to increase her alcohol intake, lose more weight, and get closer to Poetry Boy (her famous pupil). Struggling to connect it all with the damage of a past sexual assault, she has some choices to make. None of them are predictable.

Gender Scholar Judith Jackson-Pomeroy
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