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Judith Jackson-Pomeroy


Women’s Fiction Author, Academic Publisher, & Gender Scholar

Academic Publisher and Gender Scholar by Day, Fiction Writer by Night, and All-Day Blogger on Book Reviews and Women's Issues.
Armed with a PhD & I Know How to Use It.

Originally from the U.K., Judith Jackson-Pomeroy moved to the U.S. to earn her PhD.  

When she’s not writing women’s fiction, she works as an Editorial Manager at Frontiers, a mission-driven open-access Academic Publisher, and as a Research Collaborator at Wellesley Centers for Women, where she recently collaborated on a #MeToo publication. She is the recipient of an international fiction writing award and has presented extensively on women’s issues and gender.

Her fiction is an extension of all she’s learned (both professionally and personally from her own experience, and that of her daughters, friends, and students), and has been described as a take on modern womanhood, with themes of sexual politics, mental health, and addiction, featuring tartly funny, unapologetic female characters who will make you laugh, cringe, and cry.

Her debut novel, Weight of a Woman, is forthcoming with Odyssey Books in 2023.

Judith Jackson-Pomeroy

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